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Fundoplication - postoperative diet

Stage 1 - Liquid diet

This diet will begin while you are in hospital and may last for up to 3 days after surgery. Examples of liquids you can consume at this time include:

- milk

- soup

- jelly

- ice-cream

- hot chocolate

- malted drinks e.g. Ovaltine, Horlicks

- more nourishing drinks such as build-up shakes or soups which can be provided on the ward


Stage 2 - Pureed diet

The next stage introduces food in a smooth pureed texture, to allow easier swallowing. It is recommended that you follow this stage for 3 to 4 weeks. A food processor or blender will be needed to puree foods to the correct consistency and a basic one can be purchased quite cheaply. You may need to add liquid in order to puree some foods, however try to avoid adding water as this dilutes the amount of nutrients. Instead, try stock, gravy, cream, sauce or soup. Please refer to the attachment below for food and drink suggestions. 

Stage 3 - Soft diet

If you feel no pain or discomfort on the pureed diet at the end of Stage 2, proceed to a soft diet, avoiding any large solid lumps. If you try to eat foods which have to be swallowed in one lump (like chicken or steak) there is a risk they will get stuck, which can be very uncomfortable. Also remember to chew food well. It is recommended that you follow this stage for 2 to 3 weeks. Please refer to the attachment below for food and drink suggestions.

Stage 4 - Normal diet

At the end of Stage 3 you can slowly introduce a normal healthy diet as tolerated.

Patients should refrain from drinking alcohol and smoking for a six week period following surgery, as this can exacerbate symptoms of reflux disease.

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