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"My local hospital had referred me to Mr Worthington with complex gallstone disease.  I had had terrible pain and become jaundiced.  Due to the size and position of the stones, my local hospital referred me to their local specialist hepatopancreaticobiliary centre and I saw Mr Worthington.


He carried out the gallstone operation with keyhole surgery and I was fit for discharge the next day.  My pain and symptoms settled immediately, and two weeks following the procedure I am living a normal and happy life.  I am most grateful to Mr Worthington and his team for the skill and care they provided.  I have never felt fitter."


Mrs M. S.

"My GP referred me to Mr Worthington with two inguinal hernia.  I had undergone an open hernia repair some thirty years ago and had developed a recurrence. 


Mr Worthington carried out a keyhole hernia repair as a daycase, and the contrast with my previous experience to open incision was remarkable.


A week following the procedure I returned to work and a fortnight following surgery I have no pain whatsoever.


The keyhole surgery techniques that Mr Worthington used have really transformed a patient’s experience, and I am most grateful for his skill and help."


Mr S. C.

“Just a quick note to say a huge thank you from me and my family for your skill, expertise and care, which has now brought me through to a brighter side of this very scary year.”

“Just to thank you for your wonderful care and professionalism in dealing with my hernia operation.”

“Just to say a big thank you to you and your team for keeping me alive since my operation for pancreatic cancer last year.”

“Thank you for your skill and expertise which are literally life-saving.”

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